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Bots Automation is a UK robotics company providing automation equipment on sales and hire agreement to both industrial and commercial businesses.

We are passionate about robots and collaborative working and believe that process automation is the key route towards a modern streamlined workforce. We provide manufactures with the latest robotic developments to assist your work force in fuelling efficiency and essentially guaranteeing increased productivity.

Collaborative robots are perfect for both industrial and commercial environments and have many benefits. They help increase productivity amongst staff, boost morale, and even reduce injury.

Bots UK are committed in leading the UK towards being Industry 4.0; enabling manufacturers to leverage themselves amongst a competitive international market.

Contrary to traditional robots that can cost up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, these sophisticated collaborative robots can be implemented through our zero investment, flexible hiring service from as little as £2.70 per hour.

All robots come with our Productivity & Measurement App that monitors the robots performance.

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Services Bots Automation Provide



The team at Bots can help you get your robots up and running, provide assistance and guidance when delivery a strategic plan for your automation needs.


We offer advice and support from out tech experts who will listen your business needs and understand your requirements for an effective automation set up.


Our automation experts can assess and evaluate your current processes and offer you the best options for improving efficiency and quality


We provide free initial onsite training on all robot software to our customers. The team will demonstrate the full capabilities of the robots and assist users in programming the bots. Bots UK also provides additional training and support.

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